Portrait Photography Auckland

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that is intended to display their personality, expression, and mood. The focus of the photograph is usually the faces of people, although the entire body as well as the background may be included in the image.

We use different approaches to portrait photography:

The constructed or formal approach, often studio based, is where the portrait photographer creates a certain prescribed look for the portrait. This is often for corporate purposes, such as company websites, annual reports, or people's online profiles. It will often conform to guidelines in order to be consistent with company branding.

The environmental approach is where the photography takes place in the subject’s surroundings, such as in their workplace, which could be in their office with a photo of a significant person in the background.

The candid approach is one we like, and which is consistent with our style of documentary photography, where the subject is photographed without a formal pose and is not looking directly at the camera.

Many portrait photographers prefer this approach, as it’s less intrusive and can capture certain characteristics well.

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