Our Photography Style

Whether we are involved in food photography or family portraits, in a hotel room photographing a bride dress or heading out to a beach at sunset for a romantic couple shoot, what underpins our photography is a drive to be creative and to maintain a personal, individual artistic vision. We look for unique ways to express our photography, using reflections or silhouettes, compositional juxtapositions and symmetrical arrangements. We create images that have something to say - images that move you.

Our Principal Style

Our signature style for wedding photography is to create a clean, crisp images, within a classic setting creating a beautiful aesthetic. Image setting and composition is guided by elements of theater with images telling a ‘story’ making it ideal for albums.

Photojournalism as a Style

We use photojournalism as a style of photography. It is popular for wedding photography (wedding photojournalism) because it records candid, unrehearsed moments. So many of life’s best moments are unexpected. Together with more formal poses, it is a component which builds a photographic narrative. A good image tells a story. A good photoshoot brings that story into your home.

Special Effects Photography

Sometimes we photograph in high definition range (HDR) photography, which produces highly graphic images that are tack sharp. At other times we will slow the shutter speed down, mounting the camera on a tripod and photograph a sea, so that the water looks soft, like mist. We use the technique of joining several images together, creating a dynamic panorama. Or dramatic lighting spotlighting a bride against a subdued background.

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